Dr.C.W.W.Kannaggara was minister of education, who introduced free education in the island. He was born on October 13, 1884. He made his school studies at many places. He studied his primary education at Weslyan English high school and followed his secondary education at Richmand College, Galle. Besides that he passed Cambridge senior in 1901. He is not only a good student but also he is a very good sports man. He captained the Richmond cricket team, beside the cricket he is a fine footballer. He won colours in football.

He finished his school life and became as a teacher. He taught in many school. That are Richmond College, Prince of Wales College, Wesley College, Methodist College. He was interested in law; During his teaching period he studied law and passed the law examination. He started practicing law in Galle in 1910. He married Edith Weerasuriga.

He was very interested in politics; that’s why he entered into politics in 1919 and became the president of the Ceylon National Congress in 1931. He was elected as the member of Galle under the Donough more constitution. For his honest he was appointed as the first education minister of education in the state council.

During his Education Minister period he introduced many plans to make Sri Lanka as an educated country.

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